Loyal Daily Foam Cleanser


Product Description

Our gentle foaming face wash removes surface impurities to keep your skin bright and fresh while providing an absorbent canvas for our age-defying finishing products.

  • KEY INGREDIENT COMPLEX: Bio-Frge, Ginseng Root Extract and Rhodiola Powder.
  • KEY BENEFITS: Creamy foam with quick lather and easy rinse, free of harsh surfactants and skin agitators; leaves skin refreshed, glowing, and moisturized; deep cleans without post-wash dryness; pH Balanced for all skin types, including sensitive.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Stabilized Vitamin C, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Barbadensis, Vitamin E
  • DIRECTIONS: Massage a quarter-sized amount on moist skin and rinse thoroughly, morning and evening.